Boots Fat Control Review

Does Boots Fat Control Work

Boots fat binderFat binders are considered to be a very effective diet pill group and now Boots, the high street chemist, have created Fat Control.

This is a new fat binder of their own brand, which competes with Goldshield Healthcare-manufactured Lipobind that they also stock, but Fat Control is fast becoming Boots weight loss top selling product.

What Is Fat Control?

As a fat binder, Fat Control contains a fibre complex which can prevent the absorption of part of the dietary fat we consume with our meals.

Instead of being stored in the body, this excess, undigested fat leaves the body through bowel movements.


The active ingredient in Fat Control is a patented fibre complex which comes from an organic plant source. The product does not contain any animal source ingredients, preservatives, artificial colourings or salt.

Other ingredients are: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, silica, and povidone magnesium stearate.

Side Effects

Fat Binders are generally safe and almost free from side effects, but as with all diet pills you are advised to follow instructions and recommended dosage.

How Effective Is Fat Control?

The fat binder category contains some of the most effective slimming tablets, but the ingredients contained in Fat Control, Boots proprietary mix, are of rather doubtful effectiveness.

Where to Buy It

Fat Control is available at all UK Boots health and beauty stores and a month’s supply costs around £21 – £23.

Fat Control can also be purchased from Boots online store.

Recommended Alternative Fat Binder

Proactol Plus slimming tabletsProactol  Plus contains only natural ingredients, it works in a similar way as Fat Control, but can prevent up to 27% fat absorption.This is why it is believed to be the most potent fat binder in the non-prescription slimming tablets industry.

Having been voted as the best fat binder for two consecutive years by the Telegraph readers, Proactol is in fact one of the most popular and most effective diet pills on the market today.

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